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About Armo


Address: Pontives 2/B
Zip/City: 39040 Laion - Val Gardena - Italy

Tel: + 39 0471 796 453
Fax: + 39 0471 796 795
Email: info@armo.it
Internet: www.armo.it

VAT no: IT 00247100217
CCIAA no: BZ-78403


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We consider personal data (for example name, address or email addresses) received by us as given on a voluntary basis.  Offers of services we send are to the best of our ability free of personal data. Please be aware data communication by Internet (e.g. email) is inherently insecure and we can not guarantee complete data protection through third-party intermediaries.  We do not send advertisement without request, and we reserve the right to take legal steps in the case of the unsolicited forwarding of advertizing information, also known as SPAM.

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