Wood carving manufacturer workshop
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About Armo

About ARMO

Our Company seat

Company seat
Our greatest concern was -and still is- aiming at a high quality production. This is also the reason which lead us to create another section when we moved, in order to expand our company, to Pontives. Near the woodcarving production we established now a section fully devoted to the painting by craftsmen of our woodcarvings, lead by an expert master painter.

The founder Arnold Moroder

Our woodcarving manufacturer company ARMO, which is named after its founder Arnold Moroder, began its business in 1958. It was one of the first family lead companies in Val Gardena to use pantographs to produce woodcarvings. Armo started out as a little enterprise of craftsmanship right in the middle of the little town of Ortisei.
The company founder Arnold Moroder (in the center) with son Siegfried (business manager), his wife Margareth (master painter craftsman) and grandson Alex