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About Armo

Frequently asked questions

Are all ARMO woodcarvings produced by your own?

Our whole collection is made in-house, from the first draft to the final product.

What meens 100% MADE IN ITALY?

Armo production is 100% made in the traditional woodcarvings-area of Val Gardena by our best craftsmen

How will be measured the size of a sculpture

The size of a sculpture is always measured from the haed to the foot.

In nativities is mostly the highest figurine that gives the size of the nativity, all other pieces are related proportional.

Chess sets become the size of the king.

What are your delivery times?

Items in natural wood or standard painted (colored) is generally in-stock and can be shipped immediately.  Items not in-stock will be delivered as soon as possible. For particular finishes, if not in-stock you may calculate with a shipping time of about 4 weeks.

How long will the shopping cart be preserved?

Not registered customers (new customers): the shopping cart will be cleared as soon as you close the Armo website.

Registered customers: the shopping cart will be preserved until the user deletes it or submits the order (an order can be splitted in more sessions)

How are saved my personal data?

Customers personal data will be exclusivly saved for the order processing.

Can I order by phone?

You may call us Monday through Friday
from 8.30AM to 0.30PM and from 2.30PM to 6.30PM
at tel.no +39 0471 796453 and fax no +39 0471 796795

or email info@armo.it